Safe Boating & Swimming

All Hands on Deck for Kirk Lake Boating & Swim Safety

One of Kirk Lake's greatest assets is the many recreational opportunities it offers: fishing, swimming, power boating, birding, and paddling to name a few!

View the Kirk Lake Safety Guidelines with the objective being to provide recommended safety guidelines to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone using Kirk Lake. One of the first rules of water safety is to never go out alone. Whether swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or boating, bringing along a buddy can help ensure your safety should you find yourself injured.

The best way to maintain everyone's ability to enjoy the lake and its environs is to continually educate yourself and those who accompany you of important safety considerations.

Those who boat or swim should be particularly careful. Here are excerpts from the New York State Boating law guidebook:

  • Vessel speed is generally limited to 5 mph when within 100 feet of the shore, a dock, pier, raft, float or anchored boat.

  • Vessels must always be operated in such a fashion so as not to endanger others.

  • A vessel operator is always responsible for any damage caused by the vessel's wake.

  • Swimmers in open water should be accompanied by a flotation device or small boat to signal their presence.

  • Any person towed behind a vessel must be wearing a PFD.