Over the last 25 years, KLWA has stocked 750 triploid grass carp. Occasionally, we have all wondered how many carp are still in the lake. Big splashes and minimal weeds have been good indicators they are/were living the good life in our lake.


The month of July was rainy. Historical records show it was record setting rain - top 4 in the last 100 plus years. On July 16th, upwards of 10" fell in our area. About a week later, I  received a call to report there were big fish trapped below the dam in the lake outlet. It seems the rains swept them over the dam. KLWA investigated the situation with the assumption we would have to catch and release a few fish. WRONG! It turned out to be a HUGE project. We engaged our local DEP office, our carp supplier and our community to put a plan in place to catch and release the fish.

The NYC DEP supported our efforts by sending biologists - Michael and Justin.  They were knowledgeable and very helpful.  They helped us herd the fish upstream into the shallow area, so we were able to net and catch the fish.

Todd Bobowick from Rowledge Pond Aquaculture (supplied our 2 carp stockings), provided great insight on handling the fish safely. 

Our KLWA community provided the energy and muscle to haul almost 200, 12 - 48", 10-30lbs fish up over the dam. We used nets, garbage cans and rope. No fish were lost/died in our rescue. We are fortunate to be part of a community that rallies together to protect our environment and investment.  (View Photo & Video Gallery)


Big THANK YOU to our KLWA volunteers: Robin Belsky, Alan Belsky, Scott Irwin, Rob Alstadt, Norman Sas, Daniel Sas, Matt Adler

Updated: August 2, 2023

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