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Photo by Mary Rosit
Much Winter Activity on the Lake
    Or should we say "much winter," period?  The 2009-20010 season has yielded many long weeks of sub-freezing temperatures. It has been a very long winter. But many residents have taken advantage of the opportunity to walk, skate, ski, and motor across a frozen Kirk Lake.  We all know what they say about when life gives you lemons. So when life gives you ice... it's great to take advantage of the many opportunities for traditional winter activities.
    This season has provided many weeks of excellent ice skating and opportunties for hockey play.  Snow shoeing and cross country skiing have been good while the snow was deep and smooth ice was not accessible.  Motorized quads and snowmobiles have also been prevalent on the lake this year.  
    Perhaps the most interesting Recently, a Mahopac Boy Scout troop was treated to a day of fishing on the ice, an age-old winter activity here.  Above, Mahopac Boy Scouts and Scout leaders try their hand at ice fishing on Kirk Lake.  The results, seen below, show that Kirk Lake still has a diverse population of fish species. 

Photo by Mary Rosit

A Successful Effort...

Float Plane Lands on Kirk Lake!
    Lake Resident Bruce Woelfle was surprised by a loud engine's roar one day in early September, only to see that it was a float plane landing on Kirk lake.  Bruce submitted this excellent photo of the plane which landed and took off just a few minutes later.

Photo by Bruce Woelfle