Lake Cleanup 2009

Kirk Lake Watershed Association

Below are some highlights and photos of the lake-wide shoreline and water cleanup of Saturday, June 6, 2009

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On June 6, 2009, more than two dozen Kirk Lake neighbors us got together to pull trash out of our lake's water and off of the shoreline.  We pulled approximately one ton of trash out and disposed of it responsibly. 

Participants worked from kayaks, canoes, row boats, and power boats.   Some even scrambled onto the shore to pick up litter and other trash.  Powerboaters were essential to tow heavy loads of trash back to shore.  Still others worked on the LGPOA beach property to remove trash from the boats and haul it up to Lillian Road for permanent removal by the Carmel Highway Department. 

This year's cleanup brought together folks from every corner of the lake to work together for a cleaner lake.  Great work!

Special thanks to Diane Raines for providing refreshing and healthful refreshments to share after the work was done. 

This year's good news from the cleanup: we didn't find any automobile tires, steel beer kegs, or lawn mowers!  We pulled these items out last year, and it's modestly good news that more such items weren't found again.   The bad news: we still found lots of arsenic-containing pressure-treated lumber, lawn chairs, plastic toys, a jon boat, and another sailboat hull (The damaged jon boat was taken from our trash pile before the day was over. Reduce, reuse, recycle!).

Among those who helped were

Ron Allstadt, Joan Behrends, Alan Belsky, Eric and Ira Birnbaum, David Davies, JP and Lindsy Du Plooy, Margaret Fiore, Abby and Brian Grow, Lynn and Taylor Ligay, Doni Lithgow, Donna Locmajian, Joe and Brendan Montuori, Sue and Art Nicoletti, Alan and Diane Raines, Minia and Norman Sas, Drew Timson, Bill, Marsha, and Jenna Waldman, and Sue Williams.  Please send in the names of others we missed to

Thanks also to Mr. Mike Simone, Carmel Highway Superintendent, and his Highway Department employees for hauling away all of the trash we pulled from the lake. 

Click here to view the slideshow of the day's work!.