Below are some highlights and photos of the lake-wide shoreline and water cleanup of June 14, 2008


The haul. More than a ton of trash was pulled out of the lake, including an old sailboat hull, a dozen automobile tires, several stainless steel beer kegs, three abandoned rafts, lots of arsenic-containing pressure-treated lumber, old aluminum lawn chairs, a lawn mower, and all kinds of plastic toys.
On June 14, 2008, a dozen of us got together to pull trash out of our lake's water and off of the shoreline. More than a ton of trash was pulled out and disposed of responsibly.

About a dozen residents from around the lake participated. Some of us worked from canoes and even scrambled onto the shore to pick up litter and "beached" lumber. Others worked from powerboats to pull trash directly from the water and --very importantly -- towed the heavy loads of trash back to shore. Still others worked on the WKLCA beach property to remove trash from the boats and haul it up to the road for permanent removal.

Best of all, folks from around the lake got to meet face to face, work together toward a common goal, and appreciate this precious resource...

...and believe it or not, we didn't get it all! Anybody up for the "Second Annual" Kirk Lake Cleanup?

Speaking of responsible disposal, a special thanks to Mr. Mike Simone, Carmel Highway Superintendent, and his Highway Department employees for taking away all of the trash we pulled from the lake.  It took several truckloads and lots of hard work.  Thanks also to Walt Thompson of Keep Putnam Beautiful, for his advice and encouragement. 

The slideshow below highlights just some of the people who participated. 

 Not pictured are Abbie and Brian Grow, David Davies, Jud Steere, Brendan Montuori, and Sue Walsh.  (Please send in the names of others we missed to

To see each photo one at a time, and read the captions, click this link.

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