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Lake Cleanup 2011

Your Efforts Made Annual Cleanup a Success!
Pitching in! Folks of all ages turned out to haul trash out of the lake, off the shore, and off of the DEP watershed property during the 3rd Annual Lake & Watershed Cleanup. 
    Despite postponement due to rain, volunteers turned out for lake, shore, and DEP watershed property cleanup on Sunday, June 12, 2011. Neighbors, families, and friends from around the lake  toured the lakeshore, hunting for stray beach toys, lawn furniture, and items as large as an old swim raft during this 3rd Annual Lake & Watershed Cleanup day.
    Local resident and KLWA member Robin Belsky coordinated the Annual Cleanup Day.
    "When I got to the beach early today the weather wasn't cooperating and I questioned if folks would show up. I felt really moved seeing all of the boats coming and working so hard to move around the lake today with bags of junk," said Belsky.  " I really feel fortunate to be part of a neighborhood that can coordinate energies to accomplish projects that have such impact," she added. 
    In addition to cleaning up the shoreline and water, a team of volunteers, also cleaned up the wooded watershed property owned by New York City's Department of Environmental Conservation. Folks cut up and bagged two swimming pool covers, numerous nylon tarps, and trash bags full of broken glass, cans, and other refuse.
     "I asked Robin Belsky to organize this year's cleanup," KLWA president Joe Montuori said, "and to my surprise, she set out to obtain a DEP permit to access and clean up the DEP woods too! That area has so much trash in it, we could spot the piles from across the lake during the winter months. Now that eyesore is gone at last."
Bob and Marianne Engel cheerfully bagged trash on DEP watershed property, later hauling it to the West Kirk Lake Civic Association beach for removal by the Town of Carmel Department of Public Works.

This year's haul shows old lawn chairs, a steel chest, plastic barrels, and barely visible at top center is an old swim raft drifting around the lake, causing a hazard to boaters, swimmers, and fishermen.

    Among the volunteers were Mahopac elementary, middle, and high school students who generously volunteered their time and youthful enthusiasm to help. And help they did! High school students earned community service credit, pre-approved by Mahopac High School. Cleanup Organizer Robin Belsky can provide a letter acknowledging students' efforts to other students who participated. She can be contacted at:

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